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Understanding Cocaine Addiction

So as to understand cocaine addiction, one must first know the elements of the cocaine cycle. This cycle is made up of three aspects called euphoria, crash and further use. The cyclic movement from one factor to another is what facilitates life time addiction. Therefore, so as to conquer this problem there is need to break the cycle. Please call 1-800-303-4415 if you would like or need to speak with someone now about cocaine addiction, our trained counselors are available.

An addict should first understand the actual process then he should strive to address this problem in a timely manner. Time is of the essence because with each passing day, the chances of recovery diminish. It is vital to understand that this kind of addiction affects the mind therefore it is a psychological addiction.

The euphoria aspect is experienced immediately after taking cocaine. After intake, the dopamine level in the brain will increase substantially. This hormone usually causes excitement therefore just a small increase is enough to make a person have an out of this world experience. Actually, one will feel a high level of pleasure mixed with euphoria and a person will also be very alert. However, this feeling will not last for a long time.

The next phase in the cycle is called crash. This stage is characterized by utter depression because of fading excitement as a result of diminishing cocaine levels in the brain. At this point, one feels lethargic and will be easily irritable. Actually, this mix of negative emotions is too hard to bear. Some people will vent out anger while others will resort to solitude. As time progresses, the only viable solution for an addict, will be using this drug again and again.

Understanding Cocaine Addiction

Further use completes the cycle. Therefore, every time one will return to the initial point with the hope of a better feeling, then everything will collapse like quick sand and a person is thrown into depression. With every complete cycle, the hold of the addiction is deepened further. Actually, with continued usage, a person’s life is made more miserable.

As the cyclic movements become a daily affair, one becomes tolerant to the drug. A high level of tolerance means that a higher quantity is needed so that the brain becomes excited. Continued use destroys the brain making it hard to think normally. Also, finances are affected negatively and relationships with family members destroyed. Cocaine has ruined many marriages just like other drugs.

Because a person is taken round in cycles, one becomes a junkie. In simple terms, it will be hard for an individual to do other tasks rather than taking the drug and fantasizing. The fantasy is very strong to the extent that it becomes impossible for one to relate with real world variables even after the cocaine level has diminished. Cocaine addicts are not only found in inner cities. This drug problem is very serious to the extent that it has affected youths and professionals in middle class suburbs and all other areas.

From descriptions given, it is clear that cocaine causes psychological dependency as a result of the euphoria. Therefore, to conquer it, psychological interventions are needed. Heroin and alcohol usually create physical dependency. Immediately after an addict has realized the risks associated with this lethal drug, he should strive to address the problem as soon as possible. Quick intervention measures at the earlier stages will facilitate easy recovery.

Understanding cocaine addiction involves studying a cycle made up of three elements. The cyclic movement starts with euphoria and ends with further use. So as to emerge victorious, there is need, to break the cycle cocaine of addiction.

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